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Informix lays off 100

Informix cuts 100 employees as part of an ongoing program intended to return it to profitability.

Informix Software (IFMX) has laid off 100 employees as part of an ongoing cost-cutting program intended to return the database maker to profitability.

About 100 employees were laid off yesterday, according to a company representative. Roughly 35 of them worked in various positions in the company's Bay Area headquarters. Twenty-eight employees at the company's Lenexa, Kansas, facility were cut. The remaining 37 worked in various Informix offices scattered across the country.

Informix employs approximately 4,500 people worldwide, following the layoffs; roughly 1,800 are based in California, the representative said.

The company is continuing to examine its operations and further layoffs may take place.

Informix stunned Wall Street earlier this year by announcing a loss of more than $140 million in its first quarter, which ended March 30.

The company has also been hit with a series of shareholder lawsuits charging that the company made misleading statements about its revenue before the shortfall was reported.