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Norwegian watchdog protests app legalese by reading T&Cs out loud for 30 hours

The average Norwegian has 33 apps on their smartphone, so the country's consumer body live streamed the reading of the small print of 33 popular apps. It took almost 32 hours.

Norwegian Consumer Council

Those terms and conditions that apps and websites often make you agree to -- how many times have you actually read through them? We're guessing the answer is somewhere between zero and one.

The Norwegian Consumer Council live streamed Norwegians reading out the terms and conditions of different apps on its website to draw attention to the preposterous situation.

According to the Council, the average Norwegian has 33 apps. So it selected 33 popular apps, such as Facebook, Netflix and Skype, and timed how long it took to read through the terms and conditions for each of them.

It ended up taking 31 hours and 49 minutes in total.

"We hope this can help put the spotlight on a failing contract regime. Few, if anyone, have the time and opportunity to familiarise themselves with what they actually click 'OK' to" said Finn Myrstad, the Council's Head of Digital Services.