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Inflatable 'Star Trek' Captain's Chair: Sit long and prosper

Live the dream of sitting in Captain Kirk's chair on the cheap. ThinkGeek's Inflatable Captain's Chair will cradle your behind on a cushion of air.

Inflatable Captain's Chair
Better watch your weight, captain. ThinkGeek

I always thought an original-style "Star Trek" captain's chair would be my personal holy grail of memorabilia. Unfortunately, a really great replica costs $1,000.

Inflatable Captain's Chair with kid
Here's a kid and a tribble for scale. (Click to enlarge.) ThinkGeek

Now there's an option that will only cost me $25 and a bit of lung power. The "Star Trek" Inflatable Captain's Chair from ThinkGeek arrived along with a slew of April Fools' products like the "Star Wars" Admiral Akbar Singing Bass and Electronic Hungry Hungry Hippos for iPad.

The inflatable chair, however, is very real. Before you get too excited, though, let's look at the fine print.

The chair is only rated to hold up to 120 pounds. That makes it suitable for child Star Fleet recruits, slim adults, or Captain James T. Bark, your 6-pound chihuahua. William Shatner and the majority of Trekkies are out of luck.

The chair is officially licensed and features nonfunctional buttons and lights printed on the arms. This will go great with your "Star Trek" coffee table.

Let's all hope that ThinkGeek comes out with a more robust inflatable captain's chair for husky Trekkies. In the meantime, I might just have to take my chances with blowing out a seam in the current version.

Queue up Scotty from "The Tholian Web": "That power leak has unbalanced the ship and she's starting to drift. I can't hold her in place that long." We must try, Mr. Scott. We must try.