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Inflatable RC robot for less than $10 per foot

The 48-inch-tall, radio-controlled Mega Mech Airmagination robot is billed as the largest toy robot on the planet.

The words "inflatable" and "robot" rarely appear next to one another in a sentence, but there's a first time for everything.

The sub-$40 Mega Mech Airmagination radio-controlled robot may be full of air, but as the photo that accompanies this story shows, it's also full of enough awesomeness to cause amazed facial expressions from mulleted youngsters.

The robot has a built-in voice chip that spits out pre-loaded phrases, as well as wheels in its feet that let you drive it around RC-style.

Like most cutting-edge robots, the Mega Mech Airmagination is available at Walmart.

At more than 48 inches tall, Airmagination is touted on the Walmart site as the "largest toy robot on the market!" That may be true, but it's only because the $300,000 Land Walker robot hasn't hit Target's shelves yet.