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Bigelow Aerospace

Inflatable habitat module heads to the ISS this Friday (Tomorrow Daily 343)

An autonomous race car concept from the mind of a "Tron: Legacy" designer; also, Bigelow Aerospace's expandable habitat heads to the International Space Station this week.

Roborace plans to be the first futuristic motorsports league, using ultra-aerodynamic race cars like its Robocar concept. Without pilots inside, engineers can push the limits of the vehicles racing against each other, potentially changing traditional racing as a result.

Also, Bigelow Aerospace will send its expandable module to the ISS this weekend on a Space X rocket. Testing will last two years; however, if the module is deemed a success, future habitats would be less expensive to launch (and could possibly be sent ahead of manned missions to places like Mars).

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343: Inflatable habitat module heads to the ISS this Friday (Tomorrow Daily)

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