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Infinity Blade 2 is bigger, with new enemies and more

Infinity Blade 2 has been shown off, and looks to feature new enemies, a proper narrative more weapons and a bigger world.

Infinity Blade is back, in a sword-swinging sequel for the iPhone and iPad, looking bigger and bolder than the first game, with a bigger world and a host of new baddies and upgrades.

Developer Chair has being showing off Infinity Blade 2 to gaming site IGN, which reports that the follow-up to the technically jaw-dropping iOS hack-and-slasher will serve up a, "considerably longer and more involved quest".

We were big fans of Infinity Blade, and not just because it showed what the iPhone and iPad were capable of in terms of graphical grunt. The gameplay was solid, and it was fun playing the same looping sequence of battles, getting stronger each time until you were powerful enough to dethrone the brilliantly-named God-King.

But we'll be the first to admit that it did become a bit samey after a while, and upgrades to weaponry were thin on the ground. Happily, Chair's second stab is set to feature three new types of enemies, the ability to upgrade your gear using gems, and -- best of all -- the ability to drop your shield and duel your foes using either two swords, or one massive sword.

We're intrigued by the promise of more flexibility and narrative. While you'll still be playing on a repeating loop, there are now multiples routes to follow.

The hero meanwhile has been retro-actively named Siris, and having slain the God-King is feeling mighty bored. So he sets off on another quest, the truth of which will be slowly revealed as you play through.

There's also whisper of a 'Clash Mobs' game mode, where players around the world chip away at the health of an enemy with "10 million or more" hit points, that could be added as an update after the game launches.

Earlier we reported that iOS and Android games were outselling handheld efforts from Nintendo and Sony. Is Infinity Blade another nail in the coffin of traditional gaming handhelds?

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