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Indoor grill gets heavy

The Waring Pro CIG100 Cast Iron Grill offers heavy-duty cooking on the countertop. The cast-iron grill grate holds heat and develops a natural nonstick surface over time.

No need to brave the elements in order to grill.
No need to brave the elements in order to grill. Chef's Catalog

Outdoor grilling has its time (daylight) and place (outdoors). But sometimes, the grill gremlins growl deep in the pit of the stomach when it is just not convenient to fire up the monster out back. Luckily, there are other ways of soothing the pangs for a grill session by moving it indoors where it is safe. But that doesn't mean cooking inside can't stand up to the toughest of tasks.

With strong heat retention, along the associated heat recovery, the Waring Pro CIG100 Cast Iron Grill supplies grillers with a heavy-duty indoor alternative. Thanks to its cast-iron grill grates, the countertop device can withstand cooking the heartiest of meals. Well-suited for everything from searing steaks to quickly cooking veggies, the indoor grill manages to pack a punch without getting bogged down by the lack of an open flame.

The cast-iron surface of the indoor grill has an additional benefit in that the thin patina of fat that ends up seasoning the grill acts as a natural nonstick surface. With smoke mostly absent from this cooking method (the grill has a drip tray that can be filled with water and is designed to minimize smoke), the appliance won't exactly replicate an outdoor grilling experience, but the 1,800-watt countertop cooker will make it easy to fend off the hunger.