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Indiana Jones meets ball droid from 'The Force Awakens'

Watch Harrison Ford try to outrun the ball droid from "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" in this excellent mashup by digital artist Reid Southen.

When Harrison Ford was running for his life to avoid being crushed by a boulder in "Raiders of the Lost Ark," little did we know he was actually running from a droid from "Star Wars."

Digital artist Reid Southen, a self-proclaimed fan of both movie series, made an awesome mashup video that reimagines the boulder scene from "Raiders of the Lost Ark."

In the video, the boulder is replaced with a massive version of the ball droid from the . At least now we know what, or who, the ball droid was actually chasing in the trailer. Southen even added some droid sounds (likely from R2-D2) that really make it seem like the droid is after Indy for a reason. Fortunately, as in the actual film, Indy manages to escape being crushed by the ball droid just in the nick of time.

If you, like me, always wanted a mashup of the Indiana Jones movies and "Star Wars," you probably want it even more now. Perhaps we've been wrong about Harrison Ford's role in "The Force Awakens." Maybe in the 30 years since "Return of the Jedi," Han Solo has become a Jedi archeologist on the hunt for treasure with his trusty leather-handled lightwhip.

(Via Neatorama)