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'Indestructible' phone asks for torture

"World's toughest phone" begs to be abused; we say, bring it on!

Credit: Sonim

Gentlemen, grab your pliers and prep your blowtorches. The "world's toughest phone" is cruisin' for a bruisin'.

US manufacturer Sonim has thrown down the gauntlet to European "techno-paths" asking them to "torture-test" their apparently indestructible phone, the Sonim XP1, and post videos of these cruel experiments on their campaign blog.

The XP1 is designed from a military spec and engineered for use in extreme outdoor conditions, and comes with a three year warranty against damage from numerous factors including shock, water and extreme temperatures.

As Sonim CEO Bob Plaschke told our colleagues at sister site, "If you're standing on a construction site with a welding tool in your hand, or are sitting in a catamaran with a hard wind in your face, you really don't need a fashion accessory or a multimedia monster. You need a dependable working tool like the new XP1".

The XP1 is currently touring Sweden, and while there's no word yet on an Australian release, we'll be standing by with a sledgehammer for when we get a crack at the XP1.