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InDesign 2.0 upgrade installer glitch

InDesign 2.0 upgrade installer glitch

The InDesign 2.0 upgrade installer can fail because it attempts to quit all other open applications, including vital system processes that should never be halted. Richie Moore writes:

"I received my upgrade CD for Adobe InDesign 2.0 last Friday directly from Adobe. I went to install it on a Mac OS X 10.1.2 G4 system. It tells you to make sure that all the running applications must be quit and does so. Unfortunately some processes are still running that are essential. The installer quit after about a minute. Adobe tech support confirmed the problem and told me it was limited to the upgrade installer only. I was also told they expect to release a fix shortly, but no timeframe was given."

Update: Patricia Duncan writes: "Like many others, I was unable to get InDesign 2.0 to install under OS X. The installer would run for a bit and then quit with an error. A work-around is to use Disk Copy to make a blank disk image. Don't give the image a title - when I tried this, it didn't show up in the installation location options. Then run the installer, choosing the disk image as the installation location. After you're done, drag the ID folder to the OS X Applications folder."

Update: We covered issues related to this matter last week.