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Indecent Exposure 69: Intervals explored (podcast)

A pre-holiday quickie 'cast on time-lapsing judgment, no news is no news, and a cacophony of contest cuteness.

A pre-holiday quickie 'cast on time-lapsing judgment, no news is no news, and a cacophony of contest cuteness.


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Today's questions

Time lapse

Hi Lori and Matt,
I was going though some videos when I stumbled upon a time-lapse video. This got me interested in doing a time-lapse. However, a major stumbling block for me is to get the right time interval between shots and how many shots to take. (I had too many shots with almost no change.) The other problem was that of exposure. When I set the camera on auto it took some shots with flash and others without it, so the results were not consistent.
I tried one with slow shutter speed and no flash, which seemed to work but if there was a moving object the photo had too much motion blur. What's the best compromise?
I am hoping do one on either sunrise or sunset. Here's a video that sort of explains what's in my mind.
A concern while doing this is that the camera is going to be directly facing the sun so is there any possibility of damaging the sensor, especially on long exposures.
As always love the show.