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Indecent Exposure 39: In confectionery excitement

Candy makes dandy photographs. Also, public buildings, personal photography, and the last of the pre-PMA news.

Candy makes dandy photographs. Also, public buildings, personal photography, and the last of the pre-PMA news.

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Episode 39

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Winner: Lollies!

Runner up: Too many good ones this week! Check out all last week's entries on the Episode 38 page.

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One man's lessons

I did a lot of research on the on-line sites and definitely found some to stay away from. My research yielded good information about this seller, but maybe I didn't go deep enough.

Lesson 1: really, really research your selling sites.

2. I am an architect & was out shooting with the new camera. While I was shooting our local historic state house, I was composing in the view finder and backed over a large building spot light. It was not a stumble. I completely fell over backwards, flat on my back. Saved the camera, though. No real injury, just a bruised backside & much embarrassment.

A few minutes later, I was shooting at a local hotel, also historic, & newly remodeled by my firm. The details of the column capitals are really great. While shooting, a ominous man in a long coat & a few items on his security belt asked me why I was shooting "his" building. I told him I was testing a new camera, local architect, blah, blah... another guard showed up & a minute later a police man in an unmarked police car pulled up. Long story short, after some fancy foot work & offering to delete any of the images, no real trouble & everyone ended up being relatively friendly. We all parted, shaking hands... pictures in tact.

Needles to say, I had an eventful 10 minutes.

Lesson 2: While shooting, be very aware of your physical surroundings & be aware of the intellectual ownership of your subject.
I have been unhappily shooting point & shoot for the last 7 years. I am so happy to be really shooting again. I guess I have to re-learn some old lessons again.

Feel free to share my lessons as you wish.

Mark the architect (markitect)