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Indecent Exposure 38: Inc-red-ible exposures

Swiftly shifting tilt-shift lenses, listeners get readily revved about red, and a plethora of pre-PMA news bits.

Swiftly shifting tilt-shift lenses, listeners get really revved about red, and a plethora of pre-PMA news bits.

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Episode 38

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Olympus E-30 Art Filters
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Today's question
Rugged but pretty

Hi Lori and Matt, I enjoy listening every week. You probably get more of these emails than you can shake a stick at so I'll try making this as concise as possible.
I recently went snowboarding in Colorado and was having a blast, that is until I realized my T3 cyber-shot was no longer in my pocket.
"Oh well, i never liked that thing anyway," I told myself to help dampen the blow. At any rate I have been frustrated with the T3, and considering something more advanced (user friendly). I bought it cause at the time it had a larger viewer than any other camera. Since i knew nothing at the time, i thought, "Oh it sony it must be good." Well I loved it until i used my cousin's cheap little kodak and i saw how clear and bright her pics were.
My pics were always dark unless we were in direct sunlight. If anything was moving it came out blurry. When you suggested the 1030 sw to the mountain biker i immediately went to ebay to check it out, because i too need something a bit rugged. Maybe you could steer me towards something a little flashier or aesthetically pleasing.
thanks a million,
wes bailey