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Indecent Exposure 10: Inane exclusivity

Attack of the HD camcorders, camera-shy architecture and babbling. Lots of babbling.

Attack of the HD camcorders, camera-shy architecture, and babbling. Lots of babbling.

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Today's e-mail
Eraser craze

I bought a 40D body just prior to going on a two-week trip to Europe, well equipped with extra batteries and memory cards. On the second day of the trip, after taking shots all day, my new camera gave me an error message about cleaning the lens contacts. I did this with a cotton swab on both the camera and lenses I was using. I would get a trial shot and then error message. This was extremely disappointing, frustrating, and just about killed my enthusiasm for this trip.

I visited several camera shops along the way and none of them had a suggestion. I tried lenses in their shops to no avail. Upon returning home, I called Canon (yeah, I know I should have done it on the trip) and the techie told me to clean the contacts with a pencil eraser. Much to my surprise and disappointment, it worked. Too bad none of the camera shop personnel knew of this tip. So I've added an eraser to my camera bag.
-- Tom