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InContext frees up software

InContext will make its SiteCommand software available for free download starting November 6.

InContext (INI) will make its SiteCommand software, previously code-named Mission Control, available for free download from its Web site starting November 6, CNET has learned.

SiteCommand, a utility for Microsoft's Web server, Internet Information Service, provides companies with easy-to-read maps of their sites and files. The SiteMap format, developed by Microsoft, has been submitted as a proposed standard to the World Wide Web Consortium.

The free product is a stripped-down version of SiteCommand Pro, slated for release in January. The full-featured product will integrate site content analysis, server content analysis, activity and log analysis, and multisite analysis into one package.

The announcement signals a strategic shift for InContext, which has specialized in easy-to-use tools for creating Web pages and managing sites, targeting smaller ones in particular. The SiteCommand Pro is aimed at managing large, corporate Web sites.

"We're building a whole generation of leading-edge Web operations management software," said Robert Arm, Incontext CEO and president. "They give corporations the tools and information they want to make their Web sites cost-effective and easier to manage."