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Incomplete Java installations in Mac OS X 10.3.x

Incomplete Java installations in Mac OS X 10.3.x

Several users have expressed confusion recently over why they are receiving the message "Java 1.4.1 must be installed before you can installed Java 1.4.2" when attempting to apply Apple's latest Java update when the same users already have version 1.4.1 installed.

The answer is hidden on Apple's Java download page:

"Some customers who did an upgrade install of Mac OS X v10.3 ?Panther? from Mac OS X v10.2 may have an incomplete installation of Java.

"Customers who did an erase install or an archive and install are not affected.

"First, check the Software Update preference. If your system requires this update, i.e. your system does not have a complete installation of Java, then the Java 1.4.1. Update will be available for download. You can also use the manual update provided here if this is more convenient. "

Still some users are having problems. MacFixIt reader David Oshel writes "However, while the Java 1.4.1 Panther update does install, it is still not possible to install Java 1.4.2 over it -- at least in my, and presumably other, cases."

David was able to workaround the issue by opening the Java 1.4.2 package and using BBEdit to open the 'java142_VolumeCheck" script, and adding the line exit 0; after the existing tenth line ("DO_CHECKS: {").

You can get inside the Java 1.4.2 package by using the invaluable Pacifist shareware utility.

Before attempting this procedure, however, you should try applying the 41 MB Java 1.4.1 updater, then the Java 1.4.2 updater.

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