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MP3 Players

Incoming: Kenwood Supreme

Tired of MP3 players with white shiny bodies and intuitive user interfaces? Long for something that's more Darth Vader than Snow White? Meet Kenwood's latest entry into the unforgiving battle arena of MP3 players

What qualifies a coffee-machine maker to manufacture MP3 players? Well, as every boy racer knows, Kenwood doesn't merely restrict itself to the kitchen, it's also got a line in car stereo systems. The obligatory in-boot subwoofer array and Kenwood sticker on the back window are staple accessories for any self-respecting Escort XR3i owner.

With typical self-restraint, Kenwood has called this player the Supreme. While previous iterations were criticised for their generic components and low-cost manufacture, Kenwood has reportedly overhauled the whole design for this new model.

Audio quality is paramount in Kenwood's mind at the moment, and the Supreme aspires to win over demanding audiophiles to whom the solid componentry and luxury headphones will most appeal. The Kenwood Supreme includes a 30GB hard drive, a 56mm (2.2-inch) LCD screen, measures 61 by 104 by 17mm and weighs in at 140g. We'll reserve judgement until we get a chance to try this out in the flesh, but on paper at least Kenwood seems to have a delicious treat to unleash. -CS