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Incoming: iRiver's G10 mystery gaming marvel

Little iRiver G10, are you out there? This small handheld gaming device may be the next pretender to the PSP throne. It's rumoured to support movies, music, 3D games, and to have wireless access to streaming multimedia content

The Sony PSP may play second fiddle to the Nintendo DS, but it's managed to fend off rival multimedia handhelds like the Gizmondo, N-Gage and Tapwave Zodiac.

Another product lining up to take on Sony's portable is the iRiver G10, a combined handheld media player and gaming device, which was rumoured to be unveiled at CES but is still not quite here yet.

It looks pretty cute thanks in part to its Apple-esque design and a clever slide-out control panel. iRiver is tight-lipped about its CPU and graphics capabilities, but the G10 looks set to use an 800x480-pixel, 262k-colour display, the Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system and hard-drive capacities between 4GB and 8GB.

Apparently it'll be WiBro-compatible, which could allow it to stream movies and music directly from iRiver.

At present there's no price or release date for the G10, but watch this space to find out more as it becomes available. -RR