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In U.K., too, Apple relents on iPad 4G branding

First came the shift in Australia. Now Apple in the U.K. is also rebranding the new iPad as "Wi-Fi + Cellular" to better reflect the local wireless situation.

Apple new iPad

Apple has removed all references in the U.K. to "4G" data speeds on its new iPad following a similar move in Australia.

The company told ZDNet UK in a statement that it had removed references to 4G connectivity to simplify customers' understanding of the product, as different countries use different terms for wireless standards. That follows a similar move recently in Australia.

"The new iPad supports many high-speed networks around the world, including LTE in the U.S. and Canada and HSPA+ and DC-HSDPA in many countries. Carriers do not all refer to their high speed networks with the same terminology, therefore we've decided to use "Wi-Fi + Cellular" as a simple term which describes all the high speed networks supported by the new iPad," an Apple spokesman said in a statement on Tuesday.

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