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We totally want to live in this 'Aug(De)Mented Reality'

Employing old-school animation techniques, an artist uses his phone and loads of imagination to make cartoon creatures interact with the real world.

Aug(De)Mented Reality
Video screenshot by Rusty Blazenhoff/CNET

Storyboard artist Marty Cooper, aka Hombre McSteez, is making a big splash with his terrific animated short film "Aug(De)Mented Reality."

Using white correction fluid and a black marker, Cooper draws funny figures on transparency sheets to bring a bit of animation magic to scenes from everyday life. All of the film's sequences, which bring his wacky characters to action, were shot using his iPhone.

Frame after frame after frame, it surely must have taken him a long time to draw all the cels necessary to film this stop-motion short. It was worth every second though, because as you'll see, awesome things happen when traditional animation and technology meets.

It's cool, it's funny, it's well-made, and definitely worth a watch.