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In this 'Jurassic Park,' the humans try to escape

Roles get reversed for dinosaurs and humans in "Pleistocene Park," an animated short from Fox's Animation Domination HD that envisions an amusement park where humans are the ones in captivity.

People trapped behind electric fences as dinosaurs ride through an amusement park gawking at the strange imprisoned human animals? A dinosaur version of Jeff Goldblum as Dr. Ian Malcolm? I'd watch that movie.

That's exactly what happens in "Pleistocene Park," a new animated short out Monday from Fox's Animation Domination High-Def that basically takes the premise of the 1993 hit sci-fi adventure film "Jurassic Park" and reverses it. As humans desperately mount an attempt to escape captivity from the amusement park where they're being held, their dino-captors arm themselves with weapons to try to stop their money-makers from running off.

The clip -- out just days after the gangbuster opening weekend by "Jurassic World" -- includes several nods to the original movie, from figuring out that the humans can open doors to Dr. Ian Malcolm's speech on how life finds a way to live. Will life -- human life, that is -- find a way to escape Pleistocene Park? Check out the short animated clip above to find out for yourself.