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In the TV size game, Sharp goes small too

Aquos line goes as small as 22 inches.

Shiny SHiny

Talk about opposite extremes. Plasma TV makers seem to think that's the direction--or directions--of the future, as they've unveiled a 142-inch screen and a 32-inch display in just the last few days alone. And LCD manufacturers are right behind them.

On the small front, Sharp has released LCD TVs in 22, 26 and 32 inches as part of its successful Aquos line. All in full 1080p high definition and equipped for game consoles, the sets are designed to serve as the hub of a home media system, according to Shiny Shiny. The modest-sized models could also be going after the "second TV" consumers who apparently make up a large growth market, though they're certainly not priced for bargain hunters.

But as far as small is concerned, we're holding out for an OLED version that can be wrapped around the wrist.