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In the future, all candy will be cotton candy

Japanese invention turns regular hard candy into cotton candy. Mix and match all your favorites.

Ame de Wataame custom cotton-candy maker. Japan Trend Shop

I imagine a glorious future in which aspiring candy makers have the ability to create inspired recipes, and then test the delicious results. How such a thing could not lead to a future populated with Willy Wonka-esque contraptions and taste delights is beyond me. I have always wanted to live in the world created in that factory (the original with Gene Wilder, thank you very much).

A small part of that wildly imaginative future has inadvertently landed in our time. The Ame no Wataame (Cotton Candy from Candy) custom cotton-candy maker is available right now, ensuring the ability to feed your inner candy maker. Simply drop in some regular hard candy, such as a Jolly Rancher or a Life Saver, and the machine will heat it up, which then allows the machine to whip it into soft, puffy, sugary clouds.

Of course, the fun in this is not simply seeing a piece of candy re-imagined into cotton candy, but the experiments that would naturally ensue. Lemon Head, meet Butterscotch Life Saver. Peppermint swirly thing, meet Purple (or Grape, if you must). Beyond these simple little suggestions, just imagine all those candy dishes out there with long forgotten stuck-together candies that could get new life.

(Via Dvice)