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In search of: The perfect laptop bag

Molly Wood searches for the perfect laptop bag on the Gadgettes blog.

Women of the world, we share a common goal--if we're toting laptops anywhere, that is. Our goal? Find a decent freakin' laptop bag that doesn't look like an awful faux-leather dudecase but still has some semblance of professionalism attached. I myself am still on the hunt, but wanted to dish out a few sites I've stumbled across lately that might offer some good choices.

Uptown Bella

My new laptop bag? Courtesy of Uptown Bella

Recently described (by me) in an instant message to a friend as "omg, the cutest laptop bag site ever." The only reason I haven't ordered the Ashley bag yet is...wait, there is no good reason. Hang on...OK, I'm back. Arriving soon. Hooray!

Pinder bags
This site has the benefit of currently hosting a sale on laptop bags, which is enough to make me ignore (for now) the tacky Web site and half-naked "Maxim" cover (by way of endorsement). They make a bag you've probably seen, called the Thin, but I like them for the more stylish totes, which can accommodate more than just the laptop and also fit the Thin cases.
I know, I know, you already know about I just wanted to remind you that if you want your laptop bag to stand out in a crowd, go handmade! This stuff is gorgeous, it's often very affordable, and you get that personal touch like the ability to e-mail someone and say, "OK, exactly how big is this bag again? Inches are meaningless to me."
Thought ThinkGeek was only for juvenile engineer types who like to flick rubber bands at each other in increasingly creative ways? Think again, girl geek. They've got a whole page full of "ladies laptop bags." It's not the widest selection, the pink quilted jobbie is killing me slowly, and be warned that these bags are huge--but with all those caveats behind us, they do have a rotating offering and it might be just what you're after.

Good luck, and happy shopping! I'll be watching for you with my Ashley tote over my shoulder. Although, I don't know, here's one at Etsy...