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In search of Nemo photos, at 200 feet

Fantasea's underwater Nikon casings seem to be getting bigger all the time.


Little did we know upon our first post on the "Fantasea" line of underwater camera cases that it would be such a prolific business. Since then the company has come out with new models for various cameras every few months. But we can't help but notice that, unlike the cameras themselves, its casings seem to be getting larger.

Of the latest batch, which includes models to fit Nikon's Coolpix L12, S200 and S500 cameras, the S500 casing seems particularly bulky. In the picture accompanying this item, it looks big enough for the camera to do some swimming of its own inside. And if you add on the accessories, you might need to hire a whole crew to help you.

But we suppose all this is the price one must pay, in addition to the $200 retail, to take photos at depths of 200 feet. As for us, we think we'll just enjoy the view from our "Scooba-Doo."