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In search of a gender-neutral bathroom? Yelp can help

A new feature on the reviews site helps customers locate businesses that have single-stall restrooms that are available to any gender.

Yelp is updating its software so you can find businesses with gender-neutral bathrooms.

Chris Goodney, Bloomberg via Getty Images

Yelp on Friday published a blog post announcing a new feature to help users locate businesses with gender-neutral bathrooms.

The post, written by Rachel Williams, Yelp's head of diversity and inclusion, explained that gender-neutral restrooms have a single-stall with a locking door and are available to any gender.

Like the Yelp screenshot below, gender-neutral restrooms will now be listed as a feature alongside a store's credit card policy, wheelchair accessibility, and other important characteristics. Both Yelp's desktop and mobile versions should display this information, through details provided by users as well as business owners.


The company also plans to add gender-neutral restrooms as a search feature shortly to make them even easier to locate.

Yelp's new feature comes roughly one week after the Trump administration reversed the rules on bathrooms for transgender students. In a separate blog post on Thursday, Yelp announced its support for Gavin Grimm, a transgender student in Virginia who was denied access to the boys' bathroom at his school.