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In Google Maps, add a public event to invite everyone to your next party

The new feature is live, but not for everyone.

Google Maps.

Google Maps' new feature isn't available for everyone yet.

NurPhoto/Getty Images

Google Maps has added a feature that lets you create a public event through Maps for Android. The new feature is live now, according to Android Police, but doesn't appear to be available to everyone. CNET staffers didn't see the option to create an event.

Google wasn't immediately available for comment.

On the support page, Google said the feature might not be available in some regions. Here's how to check the availability and add a public event on your Android device:

  • Open Google Maps
  • Tap Contribute
  • Tap Events
  • Tap "+" to add a public event

Follow steps 1-3 to edit your event's details or to delete it. You can add photos, the date and time, the type of event you're hosting and more. 

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