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In Germany, send Google Maps right to your BMW

Google has announced on their blog a new partnership with BMW's Assist driving service--but only in Germany, so far. BMW drivers using Google Maps Deutschland can now "send" selected geographic data from their PCs directly to their in-car navigators. Consequently, there's no need to look it up at home and then look it up again in the car.

It's not available stateside yet, or with non-BMW navigators, but Google has stressed that this is only the first step in the introduction of the "Send to Car" feature. Meanwhile, Google Maps aficionados in the U.S. can play with some of the other new-ish gimmicks, like traffic data, , and 3D Google Earth content.

Google has made a YouTube promotional video for Send to BMW (in English, thankfully) here. Or, if you'd like the German version, it's here.

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