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In fan-made parody, Marvel villain Loki meets his match in Left Shark

Can the God of Mischief, Madness and Evil survive being locked in a cage with his most formidable opponent yet? Loki's chances of survival might just be a teenage dream.

Remember that scene in "The Avengers" where Nick Fury locked Loki up in the cage built for the Hulk? What if that impenetrable cell that would drop 30,000 feet if Loki so much as scratched the glass trying to escape wasn't built for the Hulk after all? What if that cage was really meant to hold a creature much more powerful?

In a short mashup video from Iain Heath -- the guy who made that amazing Lego Doom tribute that haunted our nightmares back in September -- the cage is actually built for Katy Perry's Left Shark. And in what can only spell trouble for Loki, Left Shark is still in there when Nick Fury locks him up.

Can the God of Mischief, Madness and Evil survive being trapped in a cage with a guy in a shark suit dancing to the tune of Perry's "Teenage Dream?"

Spoiler: Nobody can survive the torment of Left Shark, not even a Frost Giant raised in Asgard.