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In defense of Chad

CNET's Kent German may not like Alltel's Chad commercials, but there a lot of people who do.

Chad and his friends. Alltel's former pitchman has quite a few fans.

Back in January, I wrote a column on what Alltel customers need to know about the merger between their carrier and Verizon Wireless. Most of the questions I addressed in the post came from readers, but the last question was all mine: "Will I no longer have to suffer through those irritating "Chad" Alltel commercials?" I've never been a fan of Alltel's "Chad" commercials, which feature the ever perky and always smiling Chad continuously outsmarting much dorkier reps from the other major carriers.

Now, I have nothing against Alltel, and I wasn't rising to the defense of the other carriers, but I just couldn't stomach someone so relentlessly cheery. And while I liked those ads better than Sprint's gloomy Dan Hesse ad campaign, I didn't get how Chad doing battle with a bunch of nerds told me why Alltel was better as a wireless carrier. To me, there were juvenile and a bit pointless.

To my surprise, however, Chad has more than his share of fans. Immediately after the blog posted, and in the months since, I've received quite a few e-mails from readers firmly defending Chad. I have to admit, I was a little surprised, but the message was clear: Chad is cool and Verizon is not. Here's a section of Chad's fans.

I can tolerate the Alltel commercials with Chad much, much more than the dweeb with all of the weirdo people that follow him in those lame Verizon commercials.
- Michael

I, too, like the Chad commercials and My Circle is very nice, but won't be sad to see Alltel go.
- tt_fan_1

I'm tired of everyone dissing of Chad. It's the other guys that are annoying. It's nice to see Mr Geeks & Nerds get their turn in the spotlight. Without them, the pretty people wouldn't have anything new to play with. Read about the merger--it has nothing at all to do with Chad. He is an all American guy.
- skayrkroh

I really like the Alltel commercials with Chad.
- McArthur

Altell's (the superior carrier) national Chad commercials are far more entertaining than the weirdo dude with the unimportant numskulls standing behind him that are trying to portray themselves as important netwokers for Verizon (the inferior company). Chad commercials were just fine, or at least superior to the "network idiots" on Verizon.
- Michael

I love those Chad commercials! They are cute and funny. I have enjoyed every one of them. Chad is a good and wholesome character. It is a nice change from some commercials. I love Alltel.
- Eleanor