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In case you run into a Gorn, here's what to do

A quick how-to guide to build your very own "Superman hand cannon" using tennis balls and bits and pieces found in any basement.

"Star Trek" aficionados may recall the episode in which Captain Kirk gets transported down to a planet by super-powerful aliens to do hand-to-hand combat against the Gorn. Without giving away the plot--in case you were deprived as a child and never saw the show--Kirk used his wits to defeat the lizard monster by assembling a primitive cannon from elements he found lying about.

Now comes Dylan Hacker (I'm assuming he goes by his "stage" name), who runs a San Francisco production company called Household Hacker. This morning we stumbled across his highly entertaining video recipe for putting together a "Superman hand cannon"--basically an enhanced tennis launcher, assembled from bits and pieces of junk that probably are lying around your basement--just in time for the summer. Definitely worth a look-see. (It's amazing how far duct tape will take you, especially on the odd chance that you, too, run into a Gorn somewhere down the road.)

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