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In-car wireless charging just around the corner

Visteon is developing a system to charge devices wirelessly.

Automotive electronics supplier Visteon is taking in-car wireless technology to the next level with a system that charges mobile devices, such as iPods and cell phones, wirelessly. To charge devices, the unit uses a built-in inductive coil, which can also detect the specific power requirements of each device and when the charge is complete. The catch is that the mobile devices also require a built-in coil (the iPod and Moto Razr used to demonstrate the prototype on display at the SEMA show in Las Vegas used special plug-in docks). However, Visteon says it is working with a consortium of consumer-electronics manufacturers to get the required components into mobile device as soon as possible. We're told to expect an announcement on the system at CES 2007 in January.

(Photo: Kevin Massy/CNET Networks)