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Improved massage chair is just what I need

The latest shiatsu wonder from Inada sounds like the perfect remedy for a rainy Friday. Unfortunately, the closest the product is going to be is several hundred miles away, in Las Vegas.

As a tech writer, it's not uncommon to see a press release or a photo of some new gadget and have an instant sensation of "I need that."

But, I'm not sure the words have ever been more true than when I saw the info on Inada's latest massage chair, the Sogno.

Inada's latest massage chair sounds perfect. If only it were here... Inada

I've been in a colossally bad mood today, for no particular reason. But I am sure 15 minutes (OK, 30 minutes) in this baby would do the trick. It uses an infrared body scan to determine a particular individual's central acupressure point as well as "full shoulder/neck air massage with neck traction capabilities, shoulder to fingertip arm massage, arching full body stretch," and something called total relaxation Dream-Wave Technology. Not sure what that is, but it sure sounds good.

Now all I need is the teleporter and a time machine to get it here now. Inada is showing it off to reporters at next week's Las Vegas Winter Furniture Market.

Alas, I'd even settle for Inada's earlier music-synching W.1 Masssage Chair. But it's not to be. If anyone needs me, I'll be downstairs using CNET's iJoy massage chair and feeling sorry for myself.