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Improve your tech skills with's iPhone app, the online training library, released its first iPhone app which gives subscribers access to its full library, and non-members limited access to select tutorials.'s iPhone app is a compact version of the complete online library.

In this tough job market, selling yourself takes more than a bachelor's degree. Journalists are expected to know some HTML and even basic video-editing skills. Administrative assistants need to be Microsoft Office experts. And, if you're building an online property, you better have a lot of technical skills.

Taking classes at a community college is the obvious solution, but there's also, the online training resource for all of the above skills. At $25 a month, provides 748 courses for subjects like Photoshop, Microsoft Office, CSS, Google Apps, and Flash. The website even covers Twitter,, and other blogging platforms.

Now there's one more reason to brush up on your computer just landed on the iPhone. Subscribers paying the $25 a month fee have access to all video tutorials (as long as they're connected to 3G, Edge, or Wi-Fi). Nonmembers can check out 10 percent of the training content for free, including popular tutorials like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Final Cut Pro.

Once logged in, subscribers view their most recently watched video and pick up where they left off.

Of course there's the lurking question, "What's the point of having this on the iPhone? Isn't this a hands-on training guide?" Well, yeah. Don't expect to become pro from this iPhone app. It's probably useful for refreshing your skills or reminding you of what you learned the previous day.

The app is available now at the iTunes store for free.