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Healthy eating

The ultimate Impossible Burger vs. Beyond Meat Burger taste test

Which plant-based burger tastes better? We taste both of them to find a winner.

John Kim/CNET

Plant-based meat is taking the world by storm, with the Impossible Burger and Beyond Burger leading the charge. These two companies produce plant-based (but not exactly veggie) burgers that mimic the taste and texture of real beef burgers. You can find both burgers at various restaurants across the US, and Beyond Meat has been selling its faux beef at groceries stores for several years. Now, you can pick up Impossible Burger meat at grocery stores too -- that is, if you live in Southern California.

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Since you can now cook both of plant-based meats at home, we decided to do the ultimate taste test and compare them side by side with the same ingredients. Check out the video to see which one we liked best, and learn everything you could ever want to know about these plant-based meats below.