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Imperial Star Destroyer invades Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V mod

The Galactic Empire from "Star Wars" has sent an Imperial Star Destroyer to invade Los Santos in this awesome mod for Grand Theft Auto V.

Apparently Mars isn't big enough for the Galactic Empire, so in addition to taking the Red Planet, Darth Vader and company have sent an Imperial Star Destroyer to Los Santos to claim the fictional city from Grand Theft Auto V.

YouTube filmmaker TwoDynamic posted a video on Sunday showing both the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance taking their ongoing Galactic Civil War to the streets of Los Santos. In the clip, we see a modified landspeeder -- similar to the one Luke Skywalker used on Tatooine -- flying high up into the sky and nearly crashing into a massive Imperial Star Destroyer looming overhead.

While it's not a perfect Star Destroyer replica, TwoDynamic's Star Destroyer mod (short for modification to a video game) does have lights and sounds, and you can really fly it through the air. Though it doesn't seem to have any ion cannons or turbolasers attached, so you likely wouldn't be able to unleash Imperial devastation on the people of Los Santos.

But, if you do choose to download the mod and try it for yourself, you can at least have fun pretending to be Vader as he patrols the skies looking to crush the Rebellion. You can find download links in the video description here, if you're so inclined.

Get a glimpse of TwoDynamic's Star Destroyer and landspeeder mods by watching the video at the top of this post. All that's missing is C-3PO telling Michael, Trevor and Franklin the odds of surviving an attack on an Imperial Star Destroyer, but that's probably for the best. Han Solo simply told the droid to shut up, but these three criminals would probably blow Threepio to smithereens.

(Via Kotaku)