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Immersive 360-degree space station view feels like floating in space

NASA takes a new 360-degree-view Facebook feature for a test flight with an interactive photo of an ISS module.

Most of us will never float inside the International Space Station. That's a privilege reserved for a select few highly trained astronauts (and a few rich people, too). The next best thing to being there may be this lovely 360-degree view inside the Tranquility module, a multipurpose room on board the ISS. The photo shows the potential for Facebook's new 360-degree view feature.

The immersive image includes an actual astronaut for scale. European Space Agency astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti is now back on Earth, but her photographs were used to help to create a series of 360-degree space station tours during her time in orbit.

Despite its name, the Tranquility module is quite a busy spot. It holds life-support systems, including the one used to recycle water. Astronauts get their exercise here with a treadmill and a weight-lifting machine. There's even a bathroom in there. Here's hoping we will eventually get a 360-degree view of the new inflatable BEAM module, which is now attached to Tranquility.