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Imerge MS1: Store media, get rid of cash

You've got a huge pile of money, right? With the banks going kaput, why not invest your dosh in a massive pile of electronics that streams vast amounts of media around your mansion?

Money may be tight at the moment, but that's never stopped a gadget lover from dreaming. And dream we do, about a happy place to store our DVDs centrally, away from those clumsy discs and on a honking great hard drive. The MS1 from Imerge is designed to keep your video and audio safe and secure, and most importantly of all, in one convenient location. And it's brain-freezingly expensive.

Imerge offers storage capacities of between 1TB and 6TB, with protection from data loss with RAID. The MS1 has beautifully crafted high-definition menu systems, as well as 1080p HDMI video output and what Imerge describe as 'audiophile quality' audio, with 24-bit DACs to impress your ears.

At its maximum 6TB capacity, Imerge says you could store up to 1,700 hours of video on the MS1. As you would expect, the system is happy to accept storage upgrades later, so you don't have to buy a new one every time you need more space. That's a good thing, because this bad boy is quite some distance from cheap.

Indeed, it's so far from affordable it's not funny. The 1TB version is the cheapest at just £5,915. The 3TB version is a smidge more at £15,390. The surprise is that for just an extra grand you can get the 6TB version, which is a comparative barg... no, we're sorry, we just can't use the 'b' word. You can find your nearest dealer, no doubt swathed in gold jewellery, at Imerge's Web site.

Although this sort of product is well out of reach of most people, it's most AV enthusiasts dream to have a setup like this. And that got us thinking, do you have something that you think does the job of media-streaming and storage better? Why not head over to our forums and tell us about what works for you, and how we can save £15,000.