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Imeem gets into mobile ads with Android updates

Music-focused social network launches a mobile-advertising platform for phones running Google's mobile operating system, plus location-based streaming stations.

Social music service Imeem launched a mobile-advertising platform on Monday that enables advertisers to target consumers through "Imeem for Android," the company's Android-based application.

Imeem said it has already signed up Kia Motors as an advertiser. According to the company, the carmaker will have a branded display presence across Imeem for Android's interface, as well as a Kia-branded radio station on the application. The deal will also see Kia ads placed on media-streaming Imeem pages.

In tandem with its advertising platform, Imeem also released a new version of Imeem for Android that will include location-based streaming stations, more detailed artist biographies, and a seasonal station for holiday music.

Imeem for Android is available in the Android Market as a free download.

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