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IMDb adds new 'F' rating for films by women

These films definitely pass the Bechdel Test (well, we hope).


Behold, an "F" that isn't a fail.

IMDb (the Internet Movie Database) will soon show an "F" rating for films that are directed or written by women, or include significant female characters, reports the BBC.

Thank Holly Tarquini, executive director at the UK's Bath Film Festival, who first employed the F-rating system for the Bath Film Festival in 2014.

"The F-rating is a great way to highlight women on screen and behind the camera," said Col Needham, founder of IMDb. Over 21,000 films have received the "F" tag, although when it'll appear on the site isn't yet clear.

Despite improvements, women still face gender issues in Hollywood. Male actors in "The Big Bang Theory" recently took a pay cut to increase the wages of their female co-stars, new Star Wars films received social media backlash for their increasing number of female leads and 2016's "Ghostbusters" reboot was met with a lukewarm response from many dismissing its four leading female comedians.

IMDb's message? "F" 'em.