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Images of alleged iPhone 5 logic board, USB cable surface

Blurry images of logic board show internal chipset but no processor, while a single photo purportedly shows the sync cable for the much-rumored, smaller USB docking port.

iPhone 5's logic board revealed?
iPhone 5 logic board?

Adding to myriad alleged iPhone 5 leaks, new images of what are purportedly the logic board and USB sync cable for the next-generation Apple smartphone have surfaced on the Web.

Blurry images appearing on purportedly show the logic board with the protective EMI shielding removed, providing a view of the internal chipsets within. The poster of the photos claims the board will integrate an A5X processor, like the one found in the new iPad, but the photos offer no confirmation of that processor.

Clearer images of the new iPhone's alleged motherboard/logic board materialized earlier this month on the WeiPhone user forum. While it also lacked visual evidence of processor choice, it did show a SIM card slot that seems to be smaller than the one found in the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

The USB sync cable for the iPhone 5? Screenshot by Steven Musil/CNET

Apparently supporting previous reports that the iPhone 5 will also feature a smaller USB dock, a single photo of what is presented as the USB sync cable for the iPhone 5 was tweeted this morning.

The smaller docking port was in a group of alleged iPhone 5 parts that materialized last week and assembled by an electronics repair company. iResQ published photos of the smaller docking port and a new headphone jack assembly attached to the frame of what is believed to the next generation of Apple's smartphone, pronouncing them a perfect fit.

The next iPhone is widely expected to be unveiled next month.

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