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Images: In Paris, the aircraft of the future

Tomorrowland comes to the Paris Air Show in flavors spacey, Sukhoi and supersonic. Plus: John Travolta!

Paris Air Show's Monsieur Moustache
Click for more on the Paris Air Show UPI Photo/David Silpa

There's no time like the present for those who have designs on the future. That's certainly the case at the International Paris Air Show, where aircraft makers have gathered to make deals and show off what they've got on the drawing board.

One company with a particularly lofty goal is Aerion, which wants to get the first supersonic business jet off the ground. The aeronautical engineering venture, based in Reno, Nev., says its plane will be able to fly from Paris to New York in just a little more than four hours--or about three hours ahead of a standard subsonic plane.

What kind of plane can you score for 80 million? Want to know the latest craft in space tourism and zero-g flying? What kind of plane doesn't need a pilot? And what's John Travolta doing in an Airbus? Who is that mustachioed gentleman? You might just be surprised.