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Image of Acer smartphone leaked

The company is set to introduce a new line of handsets in the next two weeks at Mobile World Congress.

Acer smartphone MWC
Is this one of Acer's new smartphones? Boy Genius Report

In less than two weeks, Acer plans to unveil its first line of smartphones, but a picture of at least one of the purported models is already making the rounds online.

On Wednesday, the Boy Genius Report blog posted the blurry photo to the right. It has a swivel keyboard and a touch screen--according to BGR's source--but it's unclear which mobile OS it will run, Windows Mobile or Android.

If this is indeed one of the handsets to be introduced at Acer's event at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, we won't have to wait long to find out more details. Acer has said it will introduce a new line of smartphones on February 16.

CNET will be there, so make sure to come back for full coverage of the event.