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iMac robot, faux Steve Jobs snapped in Tokyo

A robot costume made of old iMac parts recently surfaced in China. Or was it Japan? That depends on who you believe.

The blogosphere, as you know, is a giant echo chamber. Someone posts something and other sites parrot it like ventriloquist dummies, verbatim or nearly so. But does it matter if the original post is wrong?

Case in point: The pic below surfaced on MIC Gadget recently. It suggests this fellow in a very awesome robot costume, seemingly fashioned out of old iMac parts, appeared in Chongqing, China, along with his mutton-chopped Steve Jobs sidekick striking a Moses pose.

Apple fans in Japan, not China. MIC Gadget

It's been making the rounds recently, with Gizmodo, io9, Cult of Mac, Geekosystem, and Geekologie, among others, hailing the Macbot in China.

The thing is the photo was taken in Tokyo, Japan, not China. If you've ever been to the Tokyo Big Sight convention center, you'll remember its unmistakable inverted pyramids in the background of the photo.

I've been to Big Sight many times to cover trade shows, and figured the Apple duo attended a convention there. So I did a little digging on Japanese news and blog sites and, natch, they showed up.

As this photo from Japan's Walker Plus magazine shows, they attended an outdoor costume party at Comiket, the world's biggest fan-authored comics event, back in late December. So-called cosplayers dress up as their fave anime or manga characters, celebrities, monsters, or their own creations like ASCII art masked men.

Comiket, which attracts roughly half a million people over three days, is a wild event and showcases the colorful side of otaku and fanboy culture in Japan. Check out some other nutty cosplayer photos here (caution: erotic, freakish outfits abound).

The fact that these guys were photographed in Japan, and not China, is tangential to the wow factor of the Mac cybersuit. But I think they deserve enough credit, for all the effort that went into making that costume and getting it to Comiket, to get the caption right.

I'm still looking for the names of these noble cosplayers. Meanwhile, I asked MIC Gadget why it calls the Mac man "The Most Bad-Ass Apple Fanboy in China," but have yet to hear from them. I suspect it has something to do with the site taking its "tech knockoffs" focus to heart.

The photo has since disappeared from the post.

It all goes to show that when it comes to the blogosphere, particularly the tornado of ephemera that is tech blogging, caveat lector.