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Im cooked, the homemade Food Network lets users upload videos of themselves cooking.

Im cooked, a relatively new video-sharing site focused on cooking, is catching the attention of tons of food blogs today thanks to this video of oddball actor Christopher Walken demonstrating his recipe and technique for roast chicken with pears. Being suckers for such viral marketing, we decided to take a look around the site, which, aside from its foodie slant, is an otherwise straightforward video-sharing community: members can upload and watch videos; join groups focused on specific techniques, cuisines, or ingredients; and create lists of friends and favorites.

Why not just post these vids to YouTube? Well, some people have. But as YouTube and other general-interest video sharing sites grow, it becomes harder to find what you want to watch, and your own shared content risks being lost in the cacophony of voices. Im cooked grew out of a desire to provide a dedicated forum for sharing video recipes with other enthusiastic home cooks.

The site itself isn't much to look at, and as of this writing it's rather sparsely populated. But we love Web-based cooking shows (Feed Me Bubbe and Spatulatta are two favorites) so we're interested to see what people will contribute as the site grows. And, given the popularity of the Food Network, kitchen-based reality TV shows, and Ratatouille--not to mention an endorsement by the man who gave popular culture "More cowbell"--we suspect Im cooked will grow into a fairly lively community.

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