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iLuv iSP110 review: Is this speaker case worth $15?

The iLuv iSP110 is a small speaker case that can play any device with a 1/8-inch jack. But is the $15 portable speaker worth the money?

Not much bigger than a sunglasses case, the iSP110 from iLuv is a portable speaker that can play music from any device with a 1/8-inch headphone jack. We were just able to cram our HTC Evo with an extended battery inside, so it's safe to say most smartphones, iPods, and similarly sized devices can fit as well.

Because of its small size, we found the iSP110 to be great for occasions where normal portable speakers just aren't practical. For this reason, the iLuv is a great companion at the beach or on the golf course. If the black design pictured above doesn't work for you, the iLuv is also available in a variety of colors.

For more on the speaker's performance and whether or not we think it's worth $15 of your hard-earned cash, make sure to check out our full review of the iLuv iSP110.