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iLuv i182: Record to iPod

The iLuv i182 will record your TV shows or home videos directly to your iPod video or memory card, and all without touching a computer...

Crave is hot on the heels of any iPod accessories that provide us with even more ways to enjoy our music and video. Today we're feeling the iLuv's i182 -- a home-video recorder that records video directly to the iPod video's hard disk, or even to a removable memory card.

The i182 boasts an elegant, curvy design that's strikingly reminiscent of many of Apple's own podcessories. The iPod slips into the docking station, which in turn connects to your video source -- like a camcorder or TV -- via S-Video or through an AV connection. It's as simple as that. Hit the record button on the dock and then fire your home movies down the video cable as H.264 or MPEG-4 video is captured, converted and stored into one of a variety of bit rates.

The sad truth is that most of Crave's videos are still languishing unviewed on hard-drives, camcorders and even VHS tapes. With the iLuv it will be the work of a moment to digitise those old VHS clips of your mates' drunken antics, or perhaps that half-hour recording of your wedding reception -- and all without a tiresome PC.

Crave loves the iPod as much as the next gadget freak, but iLuv knows there's more to life than Apple's white devils. The iLuv also allows video to be captured to flash drives, memory cards and Sony's PSP.

The iLuv i182 is available from mid to late March in the US -- no word yet on UK availability. If you just can't wait, head over to TheTechGeek where you can get one for a cool $229.99 (£150-ish) plus P&P. -NL