iLuv debuts $200 Wi-Fi clock radio

The iLuv iNT170 is a dual alarm clock radio that streams Internet radio stations in addition to over-the-air FM.

iLuv iNT170

Earlier in 2008, iLuv made news with its release of the i168, one of the most affordable tabletop HD Radios to date (currently available for less than $100). Now the company is turning its sights toward online audio with the iNT170. The bedside clock radio employs the same chassis as the i168, but it offers thousands of streaming Internet radio stations (via your home wired or Wi-Fi network) instead of HD Radio. The dual alarms can be set to wake to an Internet station, over-the-air FM, or a buzzer, and the unit offers 40 presets--20 for FM, 20 for Net radio. Sports fans take note: there's no over-the-air AM, and even those stations which are available online often black out their game broadcasts to keep from running afoul of league rules.

The iLuv iNT170 is available now for $200. We'd expect that price to drop even further, as it competes with models such as as the RCA RIR200 Infinite Radio and Grace ITC-IR1000B. Likewise, we hope that iLuv is able to add compatibility with additional online music services, such as Slacker (found on the RCA) and Pandora (available on the Grace). But at least you won't have to worry about setting the time: the iNT170 automatically synchronizes itself with an online master clock.

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