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iLuv announces iHD171 HD clock radio with iPod/iPhone dock

At the end of January, iLuv will release an HD clock radio with a built-in iPhone/iPod dock. It also features a video output for watching your iPod videos on a TV.

The iHD171 will be available at the end of January for $200. iLuv

We haven't seen too many HD clock radios, but at CES, iLuv will be showing off the dual-alarm iHD171 HD Radio with iTunes tagging for iPhone 3G and iPod. The iHD171 also features a video output for watching your iPod videos on a TV, along with an AM/FM radio that receives standard analog stations. It will be available starting in January for $199.99.

Here's a rundown of the specs:

*Compatible with iPhone 3G and 2G

*Time sync function automatically updates the clock to match the time on your iPhone or iPod

*One-touch iTunes tagging: tags music from HD Radio and saves the song info on your iPhone and iPod

*Digital stereo for AM/FM HD radio and multicast stations

*Receives CD-quality HD radio signals that increase clarity of FM radio stations

*Displays station, song title, band and frequency information

*Receives standard analog AM and FM stereo radio signals

*30 Programmable presets (10 AM/20 FM)

*jAura acoustic speaker technology

*Play and charge your iPhone/iPod

*Output your favorite videos to your TV (for iPods with video capability)

*Digital clock display with dual-alarm function

*Wake or sleep to iPhone/iPod, AM/FM radio, or buzzer

*Auxiliary line input for audio devices with 3.5mm jack

*Preset EQ function and mute function

*Audio output: 4Wrms x 2: 8Wrms/16Wpeak