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Illuminated range hood reaches the ceiling

The Frecan Paradigma system combines a range hood with overhead lighting. Installing into the ceiling, the kitchen accessory literally blends into the woodwork.

Where there is smoke, there is light.
Where there is smoke, there is light. Grup Frecan

Crowded kitchens create interesting conundrums. Finding the perfect balance between essential devices and cosmetic touches can be tricky and relies upon a certain hierarchy unique to kitchen appliances and gadgets. Most people would probably agree that the stove and the refrigerator top the list of essentials; it's hard to not work around these two behemoths of the kitchen. But when it comes time to place the next piece of the puzzle, rarely does one next look up.

Installing into the kitchen ceiling, the Frecan Paradigma (Spanish site) is a combination range hood/lighting system that puts a previously under-utilized area to double-duty use. Each lighting fixture contains an individual extraction system that then meets up behind the scenes to draw steam and smoke out of the kitchen. A remote allows users to control the kitchen accessory -- no step stool necessary.

The ceiling may provide a nice wide open expanse that may play a nice counterpoint to crowded countertops, but usually it does little to add utility to the busiest room in the house. Thinking outside the box (or in this case, inside the box), the smooth and elegant functional design of this range hood puts things in a different light. As for the new hierarchy that gets created by this combination device, well, it's hard to argue against the ceiling being on the top.

(Via Appliancist)